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    • Joseph, I understand your frustration, after so many years! Unless you are still on supervision, though, the courts aren’t punishing you. I doubt they even put you on the registry… unless you are from CA or one of those early states? But either way, we know registration IS punishment, and some of the challenges out there (PA most recently, and OK and MD) have also declared registration to be punitive. We just have to keep fighting!

  1. Hey Jon.. you know they say good things come to those who wait. We all have our troubles in life. Sure I am on the sex offender registry as a lot of others but the thing is we are all created equal but its always nice to see a measure of faith in one’s heart to reach out to others in need. Now a lot of this sex offender hoopla will be over soon and those who persevere in good ways will be blessed. Helping others is always good.
    I know that it seems uncanny to talk at times about spiritual things but if one can’t understand spiritual things how can they understand carnal things and the right things to do to make things right not only for ourselves but for others. Oh and by the way prayer helps a lot also.

  2. What an encouraging story. I’m glad to hear there’s some success out there in this endeavor! I tried to get into “secular” therapy in order to treat offenders of all types, but every Graduate program I applied to denied or rescinded any offers when I disclosed my status. I begrudgingly gave up on that dream and am instead pursuing my original course (before the offense) in IT. It’s so easy to give up, but we have to keep fighting and proving that we are human beings.

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