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    • Joseph, I understand your frustration, after so many years! Unless you are still on supervision, though, the courts aren’t punishing you. I doubt they even put you on the registry… unless you are from CA or one of those early states? But either way, we know registration IS punishment, and some of the challenges out there (PA most recently, and OK and MD) have also declared registration to be punitive. We just have to keep fighting!

  1. Hey Jon.. you know they say good things come to those who wait. We all have our troubles in life. Sure I am on the sex offender registry as a lot of others but the thing is we are all created equal but its always nice to see a measure of faith in one’s heart to reach out to others in need. Now a lot of this sex offender hoopla will be over soon and those who persevere in good ways will be blessed. Helping others is always good.
    I know that it seems uncanny to talk at times about spiritual things but if one can’t understand spiritual things how can they understand carnal things and the right things to do to make things right not only for ourselves but for others. Oh and by the way prayer helps a lot also.

  2. What an encouraging story. I’m glad to hear there’s some success out there in this endeavor! I tried to get into “secular” therapy in order to treat offenders of all types, but every Graduate program I applied to denied or rescinded any offers when I disclosed my status. I begrudgingly gave up on that dream and am instead pursuing my original course (before the offense) in IT. It’s so easy to give up, but we have to keep fighting and proving that we are human beings.

  3. I am the wife of a sex offender. I led him to Jesus Christ. We are now married and have a baby. He is a reformed changed man and loves me and our child. We recently moved to Northwest,AR and have had harassment here. I’d like to know what I can do to help him. He works his butt off, leaves everyone alone, is very likeable but some treat him as less than human. I need to know his rights. I’d like to start a church for sex offenders. They certainly aren’t welcome there either.

  4. Congratulations on finding your calling. When I was in jail (internet chat with a detective), God told me there was a need for housing for felons, and particularly, sex offenders. After two years renting from a former gunnery Sargent (all he asked for was the truth at all times (and rent on-time)), I was led to buy a house in the area. I was blessed to have financial resources though everything else had either been taken away or thrown away. In the 7 years I owned that house, I had over 20 men and women come through. Several went on to productive lives.

    Two pieces of advice: 1) At the first opportunity, be honest and disclose your past, your current situation and your goals with your Preacher and the elders. Do the same with your immediate neighbors and your immediate boss.
    2) Forgive yourself. Jesus did. I know there are other ways to “success” in this world, but a Bible-teaching church played an important role in helping me regain my sanity and my sense of self-worth. If the first church does not extend a welcome to you, move to the next one. It’s not the sign over the door which is important, it’s the Spirit within. I attend a men’s Bible study at a church which requires me to be escorted per an approved/signed procedure in order to be on their grounds. It’s a small inconvenience. We do what we have to do and subjugate our pride. And that’s OK

    Sure, I am still under-employed, but I have re-married and my daughters have started talking to me again. Her children are slowly coming around as they think/believe I’m out to con their mom and take her for everything she’s got. I doubt there are any “easy” states for an RSO, but I’m not going to let that stop me from being satisfied with my life.

    Finally, There really ought to be a way to get off the dang registry. I’ve gotten myself on the Violent list with the associated predator label and there is no way off. I have zero credibility and now I get to have a big scarlet letter on my passport. I don’t know that I’ll even renew it when the Feds order me to allow it to be confiscated and to send it back to them. Papers Please? Me-> I have no papers. Go ahead and take me in.

  5. I came out of prison in March 2012 and by May I was in an I.T. course. Fast forward to 2017. I still can’t get ANY computer-related jobs. Do you have an I.T. career?

  6. This is an awesome example of just how church can help. I have a porn conviction from 2003. I started attending Celebrate Recovery in 2007 and have to say I recommend it highly. I now spend my time counseling other guys (usually married and the wife has found porn- their choice is, leave the porn or the wife.)
    My sexual addiction is just like any other addiction. With the right treatment and support, you can overcome it. I’ve given my testimony at CR all over SC and am met with nothing but kind support.
    Find a CR in your area and give it a try!!

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