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  1. It is important that every day we thank God for what we have and what He has permitted us to do with those gifts. It is also import to get involved with community activities so that community members and neighbors can get to know the real you. Living in the shadows will solve nothing. Truth known, many of your neighbors are probably thankful they have not been called to account for their failures. It is so critical that RSO’s live a lifestyle that we ‘kill’ the paranoia and ‘false facts’ that has given media something to sell stories for and excuses for politicians to make voters thing the bureaucrats have a good handle on solving non-existent problems. John, it would be a pleasure to have you and your family as neighbors. God bless!

  2. It is an uphill battle for most, if not all, labeled citizens. From finding a roof over their head or a steady source of income to put food on their table, to feeling loved or being a human, it is a daily challenge. I felt good to read that you did not give up and that you have a positive outlook on life despite the negativity directed towards you. God is watching over all of us, and He does not give more than we can handle.

  3. Hi John,

    My story is very similar to yours, albeit at a much younger age. I graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems on May 8th, 2008 only to be forced to please guilty to possession of child pornography before the Month of May was over at the age of 22. I never got a chance at anything. 10 years later with some serious therapy and proper medication for Major Depression (caused in no small part from the Registry) I am seeking my Master’s in an IT related field and have found hope in the Fair Chance Pledge.

    My hope is to build my skills to the point where no one can ignore my resume and try 18,50, 100, 500 times until someone gives me a chance. We only lose the war when we quit or die!

    Here’s a list of big name companies who have pledged to hire felons in IT related jobs. I hope this somehow helps you or others with IT skills.–> check here for more information:

    • So, did Trump kill this since it was Pres. Obama’s initiative? Was going to bring this to someone’s attention, but first wanted to be certain it still exists.

      Best of luck to you, by the way.

  4. JOHN J – The comment from your therapist is extremely insightful – glad you listened and were able to prevent a tragedy for your family! If you are an IT person, you may want to look into CNC Programming. This programming is used to program machines that are used to shape and cut precision products such as machine, car, and aviation parts. You are working in a production shop area, and there is no contact with kids, etc. This is such a hard skill to find, they are far more interested in your talent and work ethic than your conviction. I found this for my cousin who just completed a 3-month training program at a county college, and had a job offer within 2 weeks. He had NO previous experience!
    Here is some information about it. Best of luck.

    • Thank you Janet. I certainly appreciate the information. I will look into CNC Programming and look into opportunities in that area

  5. Reading your story was like hearing my son’s story. He had a similar experience going from being on top of the world to feeling like he was less than human after his arrest & conviction. He is also an IT professional that hasn’t been able to find anyone that will hire him. He found some work by going on Craigslist under gigs for computer. There were some legit jobs that didn’t ask for background checks. That’s one way to get some work to keep your skills up & possibly ease into some longer term work.
    We need to band together to show the world that the label doesn’t tell the whole story of who a person is. Stay strong & speak out whenever you can.
    Good luck!

    • My son is an RSO. He’s just plain miserable. He’s not allowed to use a computer or cell phone or anything electronic. He went through a job site to apply for a job which I had to do for him. It was actually a job placement service. He told them that he needed a job that doesn’t do background checks because he is a felon. They keep getting him jobs that last three weeks or a month sometimes. They pay excellent wages and he can at least pay his court costs and for the ankle monitor he has to wear. He had job offers and even hired till the background check came back. So right now he’s thankful for the job placement service. Why are the laws so severe for a RSO but not for any other crime?

  6. Our stories are very similar. I too was an endurance athlete and worked in IT. I’m very glad to hear that you’re finding success and have a family to live for which to live. Your story is personally inspiring.

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