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  1. OMG! What they did to you was so wrong! And it is happening all over the country! For one thing the minor age needs to be lowered! And when did it become ok for the government to be involved in our sex life? When did it become ok for them to say, who we can and cannot love? When I was a teenager in the 70’s almost every girl we knew were dating older guys, most of them, in their 20’s. If we had the laws in place then, as we do now, probably 80% of men would be in prison! This is crazy and we really need to fight these ridiculous laws that are tearing people apart and ruining their lives! You are lucky to be able to have accomplished all that you have, while on that unconstitutional registry. I suspect my son, who was just sentenced to 13 1/2 years in prison, for ‘viewing’ only, might not be so lucky. God Bless you! Your story gave me hope that maybe all is not lost for my son.

  2. My son, too was given a misdemeanor for “viewing only” seventeen years ago in Michigan. I understand that he no longer would have to register if he lived there but he has moved to Texas and there it’s as if he were a criminal with no Halloween lights on, yearly registration, etc. He has lived an exemplary live for all these years but on a recent trip to Mexico he was turned back because of his passport. He does know what was on the passport that caused this painful and embarrassing situation. My heart aches for him and his wife.

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