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  1. Thank you Michael A. Sometimes with the sea of negative, sad or scary life stories it’s enlightening and give those some hope who are on or will be on the dreaded registry.
    I’m happy that you are making lemonade out of the lemons life has handed you. Congrats. Keep up the good work.

  2. Good for you michael,gainig your cdl was a positive move in gaing employment. I have had mine for 23 years and despite being on the registry i have a great paying job because of it.Its nice to see success stories in amongst all the sad ones on here.. Good luck in your future trucking indevers

  3. God Bless you Michael! With your positive attitude and successful mind-set I’m sure everything will work out the way you wish. Thank you for your story. It helps to ease my anxious feelings for my son who will be released within 3 years and must register. Thank you again.

  4. Great Job Mike
    Your another trucker like myself who found freedom on the open road.
    Always be available to help other registrants get into trucking when possible as its one of the few places where we are left alone.

  5. I am curious how to get into trucking, I was always told no one would hire a S.O. to drive truck so I never looked into it. It would be a perfect job.

    • Most mainstream large companies frown on hiring felons.they go to places that felons can’t go to like federal facilities out of country and they want to be able to dispatch a drive to go where ever . The good news is that the majority of Trucking companies are small businesses. Long haul Trucking is a prison in it self.keep it between the lines etc.but anyone who makes it out of prison can Excell in Trucking.You have special skills now if you know it or not. It’s about chair (,time) slot of ex offenders drive trucks …you can get in the business local by working a cold storage those jobs are always around because nobody likes the cold .then you become their local driver by saving money and going to a school or if they like you they will train you.most towns all cities have cold storages.also moving companies are always looking for movers same strategy will apply. Am a retired driver 30 yrs 3.5 million miles on paper.if anyone who sees this needs help getting started feel free to email me . I will help all I can.Trucking for me was a cross.but if you keep your nose clean make a plan and stick to it you will make it…best wishes .Woop Woop..

      • This is not true as I and Michael can attest.
        I help other registered persons find work in the trucking industry
        Perhaps Michael can pay it forward and help others on the registry.. if anyone here does not consider us to be family, Then you don’t have a family. I have a good idea who Michael drives for. He is not the first registrant to work there and he is one of many there. I was first to have a gps way back in 2006. Ask Curtis .

  6. I am not a trucker but let me tell a story how the Wisconsin DOC used deception to help land me a job. I took a vocational crash coarse in CNC that was backed by then governor Scott Walker. After being released, I went to Wisconsin’s workforce development via the welfare office (conditions of welfare). The DWD set me up with a guy to get my resume in order. I had a 6 year gap in my employment (prison) so the established a reference with a person in Madison on who was in the DOC administration. She was to vouch for me in case a prospective employer should call. I put on my resume that I had been working for a psuedo company for 6 years on my resume! Long story short, I got the job and definitely DID NOT have six years experience in machining…lol It just goes to show how much a politician will push his/her agenda. My advice to anyone being released from prison is to be aware of what’s going on with the politics of things. I didn’t need a new trade skill but I saw that ole Scotty was wheeling and dealing with Wisconsin state manufacturing companies to fill jobs. I don’t like his policies but he did help me. The company I work for definitely did a background check but HR has kept my record discrete and my agent keeps her nose out of my workplace. Gotta love politics when it’s working for you…😉

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