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  1. Timothy- sounds like you have a life better than many non-registrants! I’m considering trying a career change too and it’s nice to feel some confidence returning. It can be such a soul-corroding experience, if you let it be.

    Attitude is everything. Like me, it sounds like you’ve intentionally decided to take a positive attitude. How can anything change unless we believe? Like you, i resent the SO label, because it is not who i am.

    Congratulations on finding love. Another person on this site remarked that SO status is a good filter…it takes special people to see beyond labels.

    Glad to see a new story posted and that the “humans on the registry” project is still going!

  2. Congratulations on your changed life!! You give me hope for my son who just began a 13 year sentence. I worry myself sick over what kind of life he will have in this world of discrimination towards SO. I am praying these laws change before he is relieased!

    • Will, thanks for your comment and link. NARSOL often brings these sorts of problems to light, and we work to litigate where we can. We also encourage all of our members to get involved locally to combat the many ill-conceived laws that create situations like this young man’s. We encourage all interested to visit our main site, join NARSOL, and look for ways to participate.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience and encouragement with us. I am a registered SO, as well, but not ready to share my story. I wish to live a quiet life with the only family member that hasn’t taken advantage of the aftermath of my conviction. My father is disabled from a 20 ft. fall that happened before my conviction. During the time I spent away from my family, deciding to max out my eight year sentence, I realized that my father needed help. I vowed to be there for him. He’s been there throughout my conviction and time spent in prison. I was released back in 2014. I’ve never been able to help my father due to ordinances that prevent me from residing with him. My father and I want to address our local City Hall, but I can’t get any information or support on how to begin. I don’t think it’s humane to prevent my father from receiving the loving care I can give to him. I’ve found out that his address is actually outside of the child safety

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