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  1. Sorry for your situation. I also had an attorney who recommended a plea when the case would have been defensible.
    My aunt and my father in law are retired in Florida and I contacted a local Florida lawyer and he recommends noone on the registry ever visit Florida. They want a visitor to change the driver’s license and are very restrictive on where you can stay. You can be instate no more that 5 days. I will not be able to visit them again.
    Alaska is more welcoming. You do have to check in with the local authorities, but you can visit for 30 days. Guess where I will spend my tourist time, eh?
    Follow my attorney’s suggestion, folks, “Never visit Florida.”

  2. I plead to a crime I was not morally guilty off but I guess legally in the state of Michigan I was… I mean how is someone guilty of statutory or underage sex if they are lied to by the other person about their age??? Girls always wanna go around acting older, pretending to be older. It isn’t right that they can lie and mislead and young men can pay what comes down to a life sentence…. I’m a good person but yet I am permanently scarred by a mistake I made in my youth that I didn’t even know was a mistake at the time…. it has completely ruined my life

  3. I’m all for abolishing the Registry. There are not many success stories. However when there are, it’s few and not without enduring much hardship.
    Did those that created and support the registry ever think twice about how that is going to affect ever minutia of their life, their families lives?
    There’s no other crime that has this archaic type of cruel punishment.
    Society has not evolved much since the witch trials in Salem. I congratulate you Arnaldo, for your determination to live a decent life. I wish you every success- thanks for sharing.

  4. What reason does the government have knowing who you have contracts with? If others do not need to register their contracts then you are being discriminated against and it is a clear violation of equal protections. This is just crazy. They are trying to produce failures and wards of the state.

  5. I feel the same way, And why does “The Government” need to know who “Visits or lives ” with me ?? I’ve had to give FDLE (Florida Dept of Law Enforcement) a list of over 30 VEHICLES !!!!. Because I own several, My Girlfriend owns several, And my Dad owns several and visits almost every weekend !!!. And according to “,The Law” I have to report EVERY VEHICLE I have access to !!!. This makes my Woman and Father SO DANG MAD!! They even want the info on JUNK Vehicles in my yard !!!. JUNK !!!!!. They don’t even run !!!!! There PARTS Vehicles for a Antique Vehicle I have !!¡!!. And when I was “In Business” EVERYTIME I had to leave the state because of a “Tow”, I owned a Wrecker Service, The Sheriff MADE ME come IN PERSON Before I could leave to report the address where I was delivering the Vehicle to !!! Then report in person when I returned !!!. They also tried making me report EVERYTIME I left the state for Personal reasons. But I DON’T !! I’m NOT REQUIRED to unless IM MOVING !! I’m (and everyone else is) allowed to travel ANYWHERE in the USA Without reporting it UNLESS you stay past the time that that state says you must report in !! BUT, As long as your “On The Move” and not staying at a address (like a hotel) over the required time, You can travel the ENTIRE COUNTRY and be 100% LEGAL !!! I travel in my RV all the time, And NEVER stay over a couple days in one spot !!!!. I’ve had encounters with several “Law Enforcement”, And told them what I was doing, And so far, I’ve not had ANY Issues !!. FYI, A RV is the way to travel !!. Theres no “Red Tape” to deal with !!. Anyway, I don’t think it’s right OR LEGAL for a EX Offender to have to “Report” his Contracted Employers !!, Technically, Your still “Working For Yourself” and it’s NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS who hires you to do a job for them ¡!. OBOLISH the Registery NOW !¡

    • In Texas, an RSO is required to notify the jurisdiction whenever they are leaving the area for more than 3 days. You also have to report when you are back. You have to leave an address where you will be staying while out of area. A year ago I was going from Texas to Oklahoma City for my father’s 93 birthday. When I notified my local police department, they contacted the OKC police to let them know that I would be coming. They told me that I was required to supply an address that met their super strict rules about where RSOs can stay. There were about three motels in all of the city open to us due to the residency restrictions, etc. And while their laws say I have 72 hours to report into them, they demanded that I stop at the police station before going anywhere else in OKC to provide my fingerprints,l photo, and vehicle info. They also demanded that I visit them on the way out of the city.
      They visited me every night at the motel to make certain I was staying there at night and even knocked on my father’s door at 11:00 at night to see if I was sleeping there! I decided not to stay any longer since they were targeting my elderly father and it was stressing him out. I was only gone for two days, not even breaching the 72-hour limits in either registration area! As far as “traveling the ENTIRE COUNTRY and be 100% legal”, I’m notcertain that is correct. I strongly suggest you do some more checking with your local jurisdiction officials or attorney to make sure you are not in violation of your state regulations and charged with failure to register because you didn’t report your absence from your local jurisdiction.

  6. I admire the determination in you and being able to move on. Thank YOU for sharing your story. I too took the advise of my attorney and made a plea deal with the State of FL that ended up being on this registry. My crime was being online chatting with an undercover cop posing as a Dad. Never met him. Never traveled to meet and No kid porn on the computer. Lost everything from a dumbass mistake in life and now paying a heavy price for it. Sometimes, I wonder what’s the purpose of life is anymore if everything you try to do your slapped with the SO label and the registry that prevents from having a decent job. I try to move on with life daily but these stories do keep me going. We may be labelled and registered but at least I know that groups like NARSOL, FAC, and the ACLU are fighting to make a wrong into a right and fighting for our dignity. thank you !

  7. Thank you for your story. I can’t say anything about the registry that hasn’t been said before. My son is on the registry and has pretty much lost everything. But stories like yours inspire and sometimes that can make a world of difference in someone’s life. You are obviously a good man who has served his country, family and community with pride and dignity. I also applaud the amazing women you have had in your life who never gave up on you. And like Jorge stated I am grateful for the groups he listed who keep fighting for those on the registry. Some day this witch hunt must end. I hope I live to see it happen.

  8. Perhaps moving to another state, that does not have the same ridiculous types of rules. In most states there is no driver’s license S.O. banner, for example.

    I think your efforts are fantastic and encouraging to others. Persevere!

  9. I truly appreciate all of you who have endured this Sex Offender Registry law. It has really put people in jeopardy to be productive citizens again. Why do they have this unfair law in the first place? Has it made people feel safe? Has it diminished the crime rate? No, this crime along with many other crimes have been going on from the beginning of time and it will continue to go on until we all are six feet under including the lawmakers who make these ridiculous laws. It started with New Jersey “Megan Law” and like wildfire it spread to other states and four states have made these people lifetime offenders…so sad!!!

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