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  1. I read in the story here the exact same description of life that is in the ‘Timothy’ story: RV adventure, bought house, dying mother in law, visiting daughter who goes mudding and rides horses. .
    What is up with that? Kinda has me questioning the credibility of this platform.

    • Thank you Observer. What you are referring to was a mistake where someone accidentally posted the wrong story under a name. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We have corrected the mistake.

  2. Please help!!!!
    I am trying to sell my house and buy another in a state that my son will have probation with the tier system. He is a level one at low risk. I am frustrated at looking online because there is not much help for sex offender and their families. My son also has a 4 year old son that I have taken temporary custody of. Trying to move without my son (whom is still incarcerated) for another 1 1/2 years is daunting. There is not even support groups for families of sex offenders in my area, Alabama.

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