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  1. These laws are spiteful and certainly about punishment and ridicule. This is how you see the true colors of this once “free” land, including those that call themselves Christian. They have violated the very core principles of this country. (The old USA was a land that did not infringe on liberty and basic unalienable rights, RIP) The only reason they don’t murder you is because those people would fight back once they figured it out.
    I commend you for your perseverance because that is what it takes.

  2. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. Jesus forgives and will help someone become a new person if they truly repent and do the work required to change. Unfortunately alot of people do not believe that is possible. It is wonderful you are now helping people see it is possible.

  3. I have waited years for the 3 tear system to arrive and in Jan 1st 2021 California will become the 48 state to realize that sex registries don’t work the way the system is and has and was set up. Also with the amount of propaganda and fake and false reports at last the new system will work as planned.

  4. I am very happy you had the courage to share your story! And your faith with your struggles that many registrants go through. Many people don’t realize that these things are thought at young ages to be ok and without help people do not realize that it is wrong!. Keep the strength and faith and hopefully all our faith prayers and efforts will benefit registrants in the future.


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